48 HOURS NOTICE IS REQUIRED to cancel or move an existing appointment.

If your appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours prior to said appointment for ANY reason, the deposit is automatically processed and cannot be refunded for any reason.

We are closed Sundays & Mondays, therefore if you have a Tuesday appointment scheduled, you must e-mail us 

or call the salon and leave a voicemail. 

All emails and voicemails are timestamped so we could make the necessary arrangements to either send the deposit back to you if you are cancelling the appointment, or put it towards a new rescheduled appointment. The sooner we are informed, the better we can accomodate other clients. 

Depending on the length of service, the deposit can range from $50 to $100.


If you no show an appointment during this time you will not be able to reschedule without a new $100 non refundable deposit that goes towards your future appointment. 


Some stylists may not accept future appointments after a no showed appointment. If this is the case for you, another stylist may accommodate you!

To schedule an appointment, please call us directly so we can accommodate you efficiently. All other inquiries please email us below!

Thank You

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